Course Review Process

Course Review Process

Course Review is the process by which IIMC approves association courses for certification points, beforehand making them eligible for CMC Education or MMC Advanced Education points. 

To have your association conference/program reviewed for credit, the education department must receive one Course Review Template for each individual session being offered at the program. This form gives IIMC everything needed to assess the content and level of the programs being offered. 

Document Needed: 

Course Review Template


IIMC Education Guidelines require that course participants complete an assessment at the end of an education program. The State Association or Instructor will select and design an outcomes assessment tool that assesses the knowledge/experience acquired by the participants taking the course. An Assessment can be a quiz, short answer questions, test, essay and/or similar tools. The following example assessments may assist you in creating an assessment for your program.

The Assessment tool is to be reviewed by the Association or Instructor before a certificate of completion can be issued. 

Submittal Process

When you are ready to submit, please email a copy of the Course Review Templates and the selected Assessment Tool that will be used to Ashley DiBlasi directly. Please note: Course reviews are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Please allow 10 business days for review. 

  1. Ashley DiBlasi

    Director of Certification and Conference Programs