Course Review Process

Course Review Process

Course Review is the process by which IIMC approves State/National/Provincial Association educational programs for certification points, beforehand making them eligible for CMC Education or MMC Advanced Education points. 

This process is to be completed by the Hosting Association and not by Individual Certification Applicants. 

Associations wishing to have their conference/programs reviewed for credit will work with the Education Department after completing an online submission. Associations are required to provide documentation during this process for each individual session being offered at the educational program. This pre-approval process gives IIMC everything needed to assess the content and level of the programs being offered. 

CMC/MMC Points

State/National/Provincial Association programs are eligible to be reviewed for 1 CMC Education or 1 Advanced Education point per 4 educational hours and must require a learning assessment.

Per the Education and Institute Guidelines, IIMC does not award less than 0.5 CMC or MMC point. Associations must offer a minimum of a combined 2 hours of educational content in order to meet this requirement. This can be a single standalone 2-hour session or a combination of individual sessions totaling 2+ hours. 

Sessions eligible for MMC Credit must be offered an an intermediate or advanced level in nature.

Submittal/Pre-Approval Process

When Associations are ready to submit for IIMC approval, please complete the Course Review Form linked below. 

IIMC reviews programs as a whole in their entirety. Please have the entire program planned and ready for review before submitting.

Course Review Form - Click Here

Association representatives will be required to attach the following so please have these ready: 

  1. Session Content Form for each individual session
  2. Assessment tool selected (examples below)
  3. Certificate/Transcript template

Note: Course Review Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Please allow 10 business days for review.


IIMC Education Guidelines require that State/National/Provincial program participants complete an assessment at the end of an education program. The Association or Instructor will select and design an outcomes assessment tool that assesses the knowledge/experience acquired by the participants taking the course. An Assessment can be a quiz, short answer questions, test, essay and/or similar tools. The following example assessments may assist you in creating an assessment for your program.

The Assessment tool is to be reviewed by the Association or Instructor before a certificate of completion can be issued. 

Association programs that do not include a learning assessment are not eligible for CMC Education or MMC Advanced Education credit and will only be reviewed for CMC Experience or MMC Professional Contribution credit. 

  1. Dr. Beatrice Rodriguez, Ed.D.

    Director of Professional Development