International Certification/Regions X & XI

International Certification/ Regions X & XI

The IIMC Board of Directors adopted International Certification Guidelines on October 4, 2012 for members pursuing certification in Regions X and XI. Please review the Education Guidelines for more details on the newly approved changes.

These changes were designed to assist those who plan to pursue both IIMC professional designations. The Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) and the Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation is viable - even for those members in Regions X and XI who do not have an IIMC Approved Institute program!

With the addition of educational categories on the CMC application, these newly adopted changes will benefit each individual and the Municipal Clerk profession worldwide!

Not an IIMC member yet? Please download the Membership Application or contact the IIMC Membership Department in order to activate your membership and begin taking advantage of these new guideline changes that will assist you in becoming IIMC certified. Janis Daudt () will be happy to help you get started and welcome you to IIMC!

Already an IIMC member? Great! Visit the program pages in order to learn more about the designations and the certification processes.

Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) Program Details

Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) Program Details