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FAQ Research-Resource
Link: Research-Resource FAQ Page
The IIMC Research-Resource Committee is a great resource for members. If a member has a question and needs a quick answer they may submit their question to the committee and the committe members will respond quickly with solutions.
ICMA Publications
Link: ICMA Publications
To take advantage of your IIMC 10% discount, you must use the Coupon Code “IIMC” during the online checkout process. Or, provide the code to the customer service rep if you are ordering by phone. (The 10% discount is off the regular price of the product, and doesn’t apply to quantity-discounted purchases, which already have a discount applied.)
IIMC Municipal Clerks Week Forms
8331 Utica Ave.
Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Phone: (909) 944-4162
Fax: (909) 944-8545
Link: Municipal Clerks Week
Information and forms to download and fill in for your Municipality to promote Municipal Clerks Week in your area.
IIMC Publications
8331 Utica Ave.
Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Phone: (909) 944-4162
Fax: (909) 944-8545
Link: IIMC Publications
Orders are usually processed in five working days. Find out how to place an order.
Legislative Committee
Link: Legislative Committee page
Federal Watch is a publication from the IIMC Legislative Committee
Local Government Bulletin > Years - 1999 to Present
Local Government Bulletin- South Africa In 1999, the Local Government Project launched the Local Government Bulletin as an information service to South African municipalities and other local government stakeholder on the fast developing policy and legislative terrain. This publication, with its high frequency (four times per year) and wide dissemination (12 000 copies per edition) is an institution in local government in South Africa. In 2009, the Bulletin celebrated 10 years of excellence with a compilation of the 46 widely-read editions published in those 10 years.
NAGARA Publications
Link: NAGARA Publications
The National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators (NAGARA) is an association dedicated to the improvement of federal, state and local government records and information management.
Records Management Resources
Link: Records Management Resources
The IIMC Records Management Committee has put together a list of resources for your Records and Information Management needs, which we hope you will find helpful.
Resource Library
Link: Resource Library
IIMC has arranged to have several internationally recognized experts provide guidance and thoughts to its membership in the areas of electronic record and document management, and everything that encompasses these areas.
1 - 9 of 9 Listings  

8331 Utica Ave., Suite 200 | Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 | Ph: (909) 944-4162 | Toll Free: (800) 251-1639 | Fax: (909) 944-8545
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