Athenian Leadership Society

What Is An Athenian Dialogue?

Dialogues are conversations that go beyond the usual knowledge recall and application process familiar to all municipal clerks in training seminars. They are unique because they explore leadership principles and practice, drawing on the insights contained in a book that all participants have read.

Dialogues are conversations in which clerks share their experience and understanding as it relates to the ideas of the author and the relevance of those ideas to their public leadership role.

The premise of the Athenian Dialogue Society is the idea that clerks are leaders in very profound yet subtle ways. Leadership here is not the transactional vending machine citizens seem to believe about public management. The interest and involvement of the participants, as well as the author’s specific focus and emphasis, require that the facilitator move with purpose using language of meaning, feeling, and power. Participants devote a full day (6 hours) to a Dialogue and come away intellectually enriched by this communication experience.

Clerk leadership is more transformational in nature. That is to say, the contribution of clerks to municipal leadership changes the perception of colleagues and citizens about the role and purpose of government.

Athenian Dialogues are an IIMC programs which may be offered by IIMC approved Institutes, State/National/Provincial Clerk Associations. ALL Dialogues must go through a pre-approval process with the Education Department in order to be recognized by IIMC. 

Athenian Leadership Policy 

Looking to host an Athenian Dialogue? Be sure to review and follow the Athenian Leadership Policy which provides detailed information on hosting a Dialogue. New updates have been made to this policy for the allowance of Virtual Athenian Dialogues. 

Hosting an Athenian Dialogue

All Athenian Dialogues must be pre-approved by the IIMC Education Department.

 To begin the approval process and have your Dialogue recognized by IIMC, complete the Athenian Dialogue Approval Request Form.

Athenian Dialogue Approval Request Form - Click Here 

CMC/MMC Points Earned

Pre-approved Dialogues are eligible for 3 CMC Education Points or 3 MMC Advanced Education Points with completion of the required learning assessment.

Note: A maximum of 18 points can be applied to a CMC/MMC application from Athenian Dialogues.

Looking to Attend An Upcoming Approved Dialogue?

See the full listing of approved Athenian Dialogues - Click Here

Athenian Leadership Society Dialogue Approved Books

Per the IIMC Athenian Dialogue Policy, all books must be pre-approved by IIMC. Below is a list of books that have gone through the pre-approval process and are available for use.

Approved Book List for Athenian Dialogues - Click Here

If you wish to use a book that is not listed on the list below, please complete the "New Athenian Book Approval Request Form" to have the book reviewed by IIMC's Education Department.

New Athenian Book Approval Request Form Click Here

Athenian Dialogue Facilitators

All Athenian Dialogue Facilitators must be approved by IIMC. The ideal Dialogue Facilitator should be an individual who is capable of grasping and dissecting the essential leadership knowledge that is contained in and dispersed throughout the contents of an appropriate book. This knowledge must then be conveyed primarily through discussion, as opposed to lecture alone, eliciting input from each individual participant on the relevance and applicability of the principles and skills gleaned. The Facilitator must in essence build a "bridge" between the ideas contained in the book used and the leadership concepts and principles that are relevant to a Municipal Clerk.

For more information on the requirements for becoming an Athenian Facilitator please follow this link. 

Approved Facilitators

The following individuals have been approved by IIMC as Athenian Leadership Society Dialogue Facilitators. If you are looking for a facilitator you may use someone from this list or have your new facilitator pre-approved by IIMC (see requirements above). All facilitators may travel out of their region.

List of Approved Facilitators Click Here!

Joining the Athenian Leadership Society 

If you love Athenian Dialogues, you are encouraged to join the Athenian Leadership Society as a member. In order to join the society, you must be an active member of IIMC in good standing. All IIMC membership types (Full Member, Additional Full Member, Associate Member and Retired Member) may apply for membership into the Athenian Leadership Society.

To become a member of the Society, complete the Athenian Leadership Society Membership Application. There are two ways to complete the Membership Application Form: 

Want to see who's already a Member of the Society? Click here for a list!

Becoming a Paul Craig Athenian Fellow

The highest recognition in the Athenian Leadership Society is to be inducted as a Paul Craig Athenian Fellow. To apply for this recognition, one must complete 10 Athenian Dialogues and submit the Athenian Leadership Society Fellowship Application 

Please note: Participants are required to maintain attendance records. IIMC does not maintain records for dialogues. 

To apply for the fellowship, complete the Athenian Leadership Society Fellow Application  - Click Here

Once approved you name will appear below and you will be recognized during the Opening Ceremony at the next IIMC Annual Conference.

Want to see who's already achieved this recognition? Click here for a list of approved Paul Craig Athenian Fellows.

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Dr. Jaimis "Jai" Ulrich, Ed.D.

Associate Director pf Professional Development

  1. Wed, Dec 6

    Athenian Dialogue: Rising Strong VIRTUAL
  2. Fri, Dec 8

    Athenian Dialogue: Mr. President, How Long Must We Wait? CLASS FULL VIRTUAL
  3. Fri, Dec 8

    Athenian Dialogue: This Is Me VIRTUAL
  4. Tue, Dec 12 - Wed, Dec 13

    Athenian Dialogue: Rousey - My Fight/Your Fight VIRTUAL
  5. Wed, Dec 13

    Athenian Dialogue: Getting Along: How To Work With Anyone
  6. Tue, Jan 9

    Athenian Dialogue: Highest Duty
  7. Wed, Jan 10

    Athenian Dialogue: Atomic Habits
  8. Wed, Jan 10

    Athenian Dialogue: Dust Bowl Girls
  9. Wed, Jan 24

    Athenian Dialogue: This Is Me VIRTUAL
  10. Wed, Jan 24

    Athenian Dialogue: Enjoying The Ride VIRTUAL
  11. Wed, Jan 24

    Athenian Dialogue: Never Split the Difference
  12. Fri, Jan 26

    Athenian Dialogue: Quiet Voice, Fearless Leader VIRTUAL
  13. Sat, Jan 27

    Athenian Dialogue: This Is Me
  14. Fri, Feb 2

    Atheense Dialoog: Begin met het Waarom
  15. Tue, Feb 6 - Wed, Feb 7

    Athenian Dialogue: Year Of Yes VIRTUAL
  16. Fri, Feb 9

    Athenian Dialogue: Death of a Public Servant VIRTUAL
  17. Thu, Feb 22 - Thu, Feb 29

    Athenian Dialogue: The Gifts of Imperfection VIRTUAL
  18. Tue, Feb 27 - Wed, Feb 28

    Athenian Dialogue: The Lighthouse Effect
  19. Thu, Feb 29

    Athenian Dialogue: It Worked For Me
  20. Wed, Mar 20

    Athenian Dialogue: Rising Strong VIRTUAL