Online Learning Opportunities

The primary goal of IIMC is to actively promote the continuing education and professional development of municipal clerks through extensive education programs, certification, publications, networking, annual conferences and research.

IIMC’s Education Department has reviewed and approved several online learning opportunities to assist its members in obtaining certification. These courses have been approved as an alternative means of providing parts of the components required for the Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) or Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation.

Online Institute Programs

Many IIMC Institutes are offering online learning opportunities through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check each Institute Profile for more information about their current offerings and be sure to check your weekly e-briefings from IIMC. 

Click here to see a list of IIMC approved Institutes and contact information for each. 

IIMC Online Learning Webinar Program

IIMC and the Education Department are proud to offer an all-inclusive, IIMC Online Learning Webinar Program. These non-interactive webinars created by IIMC based on Annual Conference education sessions are approved for 1 CMC Education or 1 MMC Advanced Education point per 2 hours with completion of a learning assessment. Please follow the webinar information link below to get more information and register for the courses.

These webinars are self-paced courses with no specific dates or times. Participants have 30 days from the time of registration to complete the program.

All registrations and payments are done through Captus Press who assists with managing the online platform. 

Click below to view the course catalog and register.

Course Catalog and Registration Information

Florida Institute Webinars

The Florida State University, home of the Florida Municipal Clerks Institute offers on-demand webinars for CMC and MMC Credit. 

These webinars are eligible for 1 CMC Education or 1 MMC Advanced Education point per 2 educational hours with completed learning assessment.

To see a complete listing of available webinars, click here.

New England Institute On-Demand Webinars

The New England Municipal Clerks Institute & Academy Institute offers on-demand webinars for CMC and MMC Credit. 

These webinars are eligible for 1 CMC Education or 1 MMC Advanced Education point per 2 educational hours with completed learning assessment.

To see a complete listing of available webinars, click here.

MindEdge Learning

MindEdge courses are eligible for 1 CMC Experience point, 1 MMC Advanced Education point, or 1 MMC Professional Contribution point per 6 educational contact hours with the completion of a required final exam.

Participants must complete the final exam earning a passing grade of 70% or better before receiving their certificate of completion. Participants are given unlimited attempts to pass the final exam.

MindEdge courses cost approximately $79.00 each and are open to the participants for a 30-day time period with the option to purchase an extension for approximately $19 for an additional 30 days. MindEdge also offers certificate programs which comprise of 5+ classes that allow for a discounted registration price as opposed to purchasing the courses individually.

MindEdge Learning Registration 


IIMC has approved non-interactive webinar programs through FEMA. Webinars completed through FEMA are eligible for 1 CMC Experience point per 6 hours or 1 MMC Advanced Education point or 1 MMC Professional Contribution point per 6 hours. Webinar hours vary. The webinars listed are all applicable to IIMC's Education Guidelines.

Note: MMC applicants may only take programs classified as "intermediate" or "advanced." 

FEMA Information


Ed2go is a service that links you up with a local community college in your area that is offering any of the 30 courses that IMC has approved. Courses completed through Ed2go are eligible for 1 CMC Experience point per 6 hours or 1 MMC Advanced Education point or 1 MMC Professional Contribution point per 6 hours. Each course is approximately 24 hours long (4 points each). 

Ed2Go courses cost approximately $99 depending on the community college that you get matched with. Click below to see the available courses.  

Ed2Go Course Information

High Performance Leadership Academy 

The High Performance Leadership Academy is an online 12-week program that will empower frontline government professionals with the most fundamental leadership skills to deliver results for communities.

Without traveling away from the office, participants will use an online, interactive learning platform to engage in live events, video sessions and breakout group discussions.

With a robust curriculum developed by the Professional Development Academy in a partnership with Fortune 1000 executives, public sector leaders, world-renowned academics and thought leaders, including General Colin Powell and Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, it focuses on five essential skills: Lead | Organize | Collaborate | Communicate | Deliver. 

This program has been approved for 8 CMC Experience or 8 MMC Advanced Education or 8 MMC Professional Contribution points upon completion of the 48 hour program. 

Note: IIMC has negotiated a $300 partnership discount to all IIMC members to assist with registration fees for this program. The Academy retails at $1,995, so IIMC members can enroll for $1,695. Please contact Kevin Darrow directly here.

University of Phoenix Professional Development

The University of Phoenix offers students an opportunity to become more effective in their organization by keeping skills sharp and knowledge relevant. Their non degree applicable professional development courses can give participants more insights and confidence for their job today – and for what lies ahead in the workplace.

University of Phoenix courses are eligible for 1 CMC Experience or 1 MMC Advanced Education point per 6 educational hours completed. For a list of approved courses, click the link below. 

Click here for more information

Arizona State University Certified Public Manager Program

The ASU Certified Public Manager® Program is accredited by the National CPM Consortium and is designed to develop the effectiveness of municipal, county, state, tribal, and federal public managers. Over 100 public managers earn the CPM credential through ASU each year. The program is available in both a classroom and an online format. The online CPM Program attracts a mix of participants from Arizona and other states.

Holding IIMC's CMC certification fulfills the CPM pre-requisite component and qualifies you for acceptance into the program.

This program will require 240 hours of CPM specific content over a nine month period. 

This program has been approved by IIMC for 1 CMC Experience or 1 MMC Advanced Education point per 6 educational hours.

Click here for more information

The Adult Degree Program at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay- Leadership in Public Service

The Adult Degree Program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is designed to meet the needs of working adults who wish to earn their college degree, but find it difficult to attend traditional classes during the week. UW-Green Bay now offers associate and bachelor's degrees completely online through this program–each featuring the Area of Emphasis in Leadership in Public Service. This emphasis was created in partnership with the IIMC and is designed to meet the needs of municipal and public service professionals – like you!

More Information

Minute Taking Standards and Related Issues by Eli Mina, M.Sc., PRP

Offered By Board Effectiveness Consultant & Registered Parliamentarian, Eli Mina 

This 14.0 hour course consists of 7 course modules that must be completed within 30 days of the course start date. The course includes an e-copy of his book, Mina’s Guide to Minute Taking.

Minutes of meetings are important documents for recording consensus and decision making, and for tracking the evolution of issues and the history of an organization. This session offers principles, standards and practical tools to help reduce anxiety about minute taking and establish clarity on what to record. It also explains how minute takers can build rapport with their groups and generate respect for their work.


This course has been approved for 2.3 CMC Experience points.

For more information, please contact Eli Mina at or (604) 730-0377.

Parliamentary Procedure: Dynamics of Leadership

Offered by: The University of Wisconsin - Independent Learning 

An course based on Roberts’ Rules of Order, the most widely used and authoritative reference in the field of meeting procedure and management. If you are involved in an organization and want to have quality meetings that result in decisions rather than more meetings, this course is for you.

Course Information and Registration

Course Fees: $425
Credit earned: 14 CEUs = 140 hours

IIMC has approved this course for 23.3 CMC Experience, 23.3 MMC Advanced Education or 23.3 Professional Contribution points.

Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy

Offered by the National Association of Parliamentarians

Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy is a basic course designed for those who have no experience with parliamentary procedure or for those who are just beginning to learn parliamentary procedure basics. The course is based on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Learners will be able to understand and apply basic principles of parliamentary procedure that apply to conducting business in meetings, how to handle motions, voting, and enforcing and suspending rules. Learners will also gain basic knowledge of the most important motions: amend, refer to a committee, postpone definitely, reconsider, rescind, and amend something previously adopted.

National Association of Parliamentarians

Office: 816-833-3892
Toll Free: 888-627-2929

Course Fees: $125
Credit earned: 6 hours

IIMC has approved this course for 1 CMC Experience point.

Certificate in Election Administration

Offered by the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

The Certificate in Election Administration is designed with maximum flexibility for those experienced individuals already managing state and local election offices, as well as those seeking to become part of the next generation of creative and committed leaders. Whether you are currently working in or considering a career in elections, this rigorous and relevant online 12-credit program will prepare you for advancement in the profession of election administration. 

The fully online Certificate in Election Administration, offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, requires 12 semester credits, including three core courses, one capstone project, and two elective credits.

Two options are available:

  • Graduate Certificate (Bachelor's Degree Required)
  • Undergraduate Certificate (No Bachelor's Degree Required. Requires 1 year of work experience in election administration or related field or 45 college credits)

Program information and registration

Course Fees: Credits are offered at the university tuition rate of $512.00/undergraduate credit unit and $974/graduate credit unit.

Credit earned: 12 semester units

This program has been approved by the IIMC Education Department for 12 CMC Experience or 12 MMC Professional Contribution points upon completion.

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