Directory: EPP Approved Institutes And Academies

Institute-hosted education is only eligible for EPP hours if that institute is EPP-approved and listed below.

Professional Development Academy: IIMC Leadership Webinar Series


The IIMC Leadership Webinars can be taken individually or in a series format of all fourteen. It has been noted that each is beneficial and collectively they are a game-changer for Clerks facing increased complexity, constrained resources, and the growing need to do more with less. See the calendar below for the 14 individual topics for 2023. 

Webinars each cost $75, or the series of all 14 webinars may be purchased for $900. Each webinar is expected to run for 90 minutes, on a Thursday morning, with a short quiz after. 

Contact Tarver Hannant, Director of Enrollment at

2023 Calendar

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Colorado Municipal Clerks Institute 

Conducted by Regis University in conjunction with the Colorado Municipal Clerks Association

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Contact Kathie Novak, Institute Director, at

Indiana Institute

Conducted by Ball State University in cooperation with the Indiana League of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Association

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Contact Charles Taylor, Institute Director and Associate Professor of Political Science, at

Iowa Municipal Professional Institute and Academy

Conducted by Iowa State University Co-sponsored by Iowa State University Office of State and Local Government Programs and Iowa Municipal Finance Officers' Association and the Iowa League of Cities

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Contact Sara Shonrock, Institute Director, at


University of Kentucky and Kentucky League of Cities

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Contact Cassie Cooper, Member Education Manager/Institute Director, at

Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks

Sponsored by Central Michigan University's Off Campus Programs

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Contact Dr. Lewis G. Bender, Ph.D., Adjunct, Professor Emeritus, at

Minnesota Municipal Clerks Institute (Minnesota Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association)

Conducted by St. Cloud State University in conjunction with the Minnesota Clerks and Finance Officers Association

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Contact Kassidi Andres, Professional and Continuing Education - PACE, at

Mississippi State University

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Contact Dr. Jason Camp, Institute Director, at

Municipal Clerks of Illinois Institute and Academy

Conducted by Eastern Illinois University

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Contact Aaron White, M.A., Director, at

New England Municipal Clerks Institute and Academy (NEMCI&A)

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Contact John Myers, CCM, CMC, at

New York

Conducted by Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University of Albany, SUNY in cooperation with New York State Town Clerk's Association (NYSTCA) and New York State Association of City and Village Clerks (NYSACVC)

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Contact Eugene Monaco, Public Service Professor, at

Northwest Clerks Institute

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Contact Joanne Tilton, Institute Director at

Kent State University (Ohio)

Sponsored by Ohio Municipal Clerks Association and the Ohio Municipal League

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Contact John Hoornbeek, Institute Director at

Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program

Conducted by University of North Texas

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Contact Dr. Amy Holt, Institute Director, at

United Kingdom

Conducted by De Montfort University (DMU) and Society For Local Council Clerks (SLCC)

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Contact Helen Quick, Institute Director, at

University of Arkansas

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Contact Kim Jones, Institute Director, at

University of Delaware Municipal Clerks Institute 

Conducted by University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. School of Public Policy and Administration

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Contact Valdese West, Assistant Policy Scientist, at 

University of Nebraska Omaha

Endorsed by League of Nebraska Municipalities

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Contact Ellen Freeman Wakefield, Institute Director, at

Southern Utah University

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Contact Tanner Vario, Program Manager, at

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

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Contact Laura Nolan, Institute Director, at 


Conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in cooperation with the Virginia Municipal Clerks Association

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Contact Christina Draper, Institute Director, at