Education PLUS Program (EPP)

First Cohort:

JULY 1, 2023 - JULY 31, 2025


The Education PLUS Program is designed as an ADDITION to the current education programs (CMC and MMC) and is NOT a designation. Members MUST possess an MMC in good standing to apply. The EPP program requires members to commit to lifelong education. The certification requirements include an extensive and advanced educational component and a professional contribution component. EPP applicants must demonstrate their active pursuit of educational and professional activities and remain informed of current socio-political, cultural, and economic issues that affect local governments and municipalities.

The education requirements for the EPP are advanced and complex, like those of the MMC program. The breadth and depth of the EPP courses are academically advanced. The IIMC Education Department is always a resource to assist in determining the education level of any course. Members must earn all points according to the provisions outlined in the requirements in this document. Program overview slides

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ENROLLMENT opens on JULY 1, 2023.

FINAL DAY to sign up for the first EPP cohort is JULY 31, 2023After this day, applicants will have to wait for the second cycle in 2025.

COMPLETION date is JULY 31, 2025.


The following are the requirements for enrolling in the EPP:

  1. Hold an MMC designation in good standing - Current MMC holders who would like to transition to the Education PLUS Program may do so by the 1st of any scheduled enrollment cycle.
  2. Be an active Full, Additional Full, or Retired Member of IIMC - If you are an Associate Member, please contact the Education Department to discuss your options
  3. Commit to completing 30 hours per two-year cycle - No "saving" hours for future cycles or allocating hours before enrollment into the program.
  4. Submit the EPP application with all supporting documents after completing the first 2-year cycle - Members must submit all required documentation on the scheduled completion date. No incremental submissions will be accepted. 

EPP Step-by-Step Process


Submit Payment Form

Submit the EPP Enrollment Application on the specified EPP Enrollment Date along with the $200.00 USD enrollment fee. This fee is NON-refundable. 


Submit EPP Application

Submit the EPP Hours Application along with supporting documentation for each item being evaluated.  All education hours must be completed during the two-year cycle and submitted for review by the specified EPP Completion Date. Scroll down for more details on the Educational Hours Tracking System.


Once you have completed your two-year cycle and have submitted all the required supporting documentation, the Education Department will contact you regarding the status of your review and next steps. 

PLEASE NOTE: One may not begin the next two-year cycle until the next EPP Enrollment Date is open and confirmation from the Education Department of the current cycle has been completed.

Educational Hours Tracking System

The Education Plus Program (EPP) uses an "hour" basis tracking system rather than a "point" basis in contrast to the CMC and MMC designations. The EPP Program consists of a two-year scheduled enrollment cycle with 15 hours to be completed each year. The scheduled enrollment cycles begin on the first of the month and stops at the end of the scheduled month. Each cycle should contain the following:

  • 4 hours - Mandatory ethics training - first scheduled enrollment cycle only
  • 4 hours - Mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusivity training (e.g., ADA, veterans (VA), seniors, multi-generational, etc.) - first scheduled enrollment cycle only
  • Second cycle and forward members can select their 8 hours of education, leaving room for new topics on the horizon in higher education
  • Advanced education from any combination of the below categories. The following is an example of course subjects for the education component of the EPP Program, and it is an indication of the subject matters required. The courses must fulfill the requirements of the IIMC Education Guidelines.
1. IIMC Approved Academy Program
2. Applicable College/University-Based Courses
3. State/National/Provincial Association Programs approved with Course Review
4. IIMC Education (Annual Conference, Athenian Dialogues, Webinars, Online Learning, IIMC Symposium)
5. Other Applicable Advanced Training Programs - Municipal Leadership Programs, University-based certificate programs and courses, Certified Public Manager Programs, etc.
6. Elective - "community engagement" options may include writing an article for IIMC News Digest, facilitating an education session for IIMC's annual conference, Institutes, and Academies, or online professional development component*

* Subject to approval before participation.

All hours must be earned according to the provisions of the Education Guidelines

Download Education Guidelines: EPP Section

Download Full Education Guidelines

Cycle Achievements

starCongratulations! Once the Education department confirms you have successfully completed your EPP cycle requirements, we will proudly reward you and your commitment to lifelong learning with the following:

  1. BRONZE (2-year cycle 1) – A Digital Bronze EPP Certificate of Achievement and Letter of Recognition from the IIMC President
  2. SILVER (2-year cycle 2) – A Digital Silver EPP Certificate of Achievement, 25% off the IIMC Annual Conference registration, Digest profile feature, and a Letter of Recognition from the IIMC President
  3. GOLD (cycle 3) - A Digital Gold EPP Certificate of Achievement, a $200 IIMC Annual Conference Scholarship or $200 IIMC approved Academy Scholarship, and a Letter or Recognition from the IIMC President
  4. PLATINUM (cycle 4) - A Digital Platinum EPP Certificate of Achievement, a $400 Academy Scholarship, and a Letter of Recognition, from the IIMC President

Contact IIMC

  1. Dr. Beatrice Rodriguez, Ed.D.

    Director of Professional Development


    Dr. Jaimis "Jai" Ulrich, Ed.D.

    Associate Director of Professional Development

Frequently Used Documents

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