Budget Committee


To provide sound financial advice to the IIMC Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

2022-2023 Goals and Objectives (to be updated)

  1. Develop and identify areas for improvement in the annual balanced budget, to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
  2. Develop a five-year capital items projected needs list.
  3. Monitor quarterly expense and revenue reports from the Executive Director and bring areas of concern to the attention of the Board of Directors, ensuring the adopted budget is adhered to.
  4. Review the expenses and revenues associated with the Annual Conference and report on profit/loss.
  5. Review and report to the Board of Directors issues raised in the Auditor's Management Letter and Report.


Committee Volunteers

Terri Kowal, MMC
Retired City Clerk
City of Auburn Hills, Michigan (formerly)

Barbara Blackard, MMC
Vice Chair
City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Clarksville, Arkansas

 2023-2024 Budget Committee Roster coming soon

Staff Liaison

Chris Shalby
Executive Director

Board Liaisons

Mary Ann Hess, MMC
Executive Committee

Lisa Garcia, MMC
President Elect
Executive Committee

Dawn Abrahamson, MMC
Vice President
Executive Committee

Pamela Smith, MMC
Past President
Executive Committee