Conference Committee


To review and recommend conference education topics, speakers, sessions, and general session speakers; and work with staff in reviewing the overall conference design and how to improve upon existing formats.

2023-2024 Goals and Objectives

  1. Evaluate and review the content and suitability of the proposed educational sessions of the Annual Conference collaborating with IIMC's Education Department to ensure that the varying levels of education, experience, and job responsibilities of all IIMC members are being met. Forward any recommendations for improvements to the Education Department as needed.
  2. Recommend Annual Conference education topics and presenters to the Education Department by July 1.
  3. Work with the Executive Director to review future conference submissions and provide information to the Board of Directors.


Read the 2022 Midyear Committee Report HERE

Committee Volunteers

Cheryl Hyde
Municipal Clerk
Town of Canmore
Alberta, Canada

Helen Ingold, MMC
Vice Chair
City Clerk
City of Crestwood
Crestwood, MO

2023-2024 Conference Committee Roster

2024 IIMC Annual Conference Page

Staff Liaisons

Chris Shalby
Executive Director

Dr. Jaimis "Jai" Ulrich, Ed.D.
Assistant Director of Professional Development

Dr. Beatrice Rodriguez, Ed.D.
Director of Professional Development

Iris Hill
Education Coordinator

Board Liaisons

Lana Antony, CMC
Region Director
Region IX

Julie Kamka, MMC
Region Director
Region VIII East

Jaylene Knight, CMC
Region Director
Region IX