Election Committee


To conduct and supervise all elections and other necessary voting by IIMC members.

2022-2023 Goals and Objectives

  1. Oversee Vice President and Region Director elections and procedures.
  2. Review wording of publication/notice to members regarding Constitutional amendments to be presented at the Annual Business Meeting prior to publication to ensure compliance with the Constitution.
  3. Conduct election for Constitutional Amendments at the ABM, provide voting tabulation and direct Election officers.
  4. Approve all elections results to be disseminated to the membership.
  5. Review and recommend update to the Elections Manual to ensure alignment with policies and IIMC's Constitution.
  6. Confirm Vice President and Region Director(s) election ballot results.
  7. Review Elections Manual with Committee members prior to ABM.


Committee Volunteers

Beth Hickman, CMC
City Clerk
City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Joel H. Hondorp, MMC
Vice Chair
City Clerk
City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

 2022-2023 Election Committee Roster

Staff Liaisons

Maria Miranda
Administrative Coordinator

Janet Pantaleon
Finance Specialist

Board Liaisons

Kathleen M. Montejo, MMC
Region Director
Region I

Marita Rhude, MMC
Region Director
Region VI