Membership and Mentoring Committee


To promote IIMC, communicate with new members and bring together experienced members with less-experienced members for the benefit of both the individuals and the profession.

2022-2023 Goals and Objectives (to be updated)

  1. Work with the Member Services Department, focusing on contacting new members each month to welcome them to IIMC and suggest to them how to get the most out of their IIMC membership (including mentoring). Direct them to IIMC Staff with questions. Be prepared to provide the new member with IIMC's phone and fax.
  2. Provide a schedule of members to "staff" a "Welcome First Timers" table at the Annual Conference to share information to maximize the benefits of their conference attendance and promote the Mentoring Program.
  3. Showcase the Mentoring Program and its importance through at least 1 article in the News Digest.
  4. Update the current mentors/mentees list.
  5. Continue to recruit mentors and mentees.


Read the 2022 Midyear Committee Report HERE

Committee Volunteers

Aimee Nemer, MMC
City Secretary
City of Richardson, Texas

Vice Chair
Vice Chair

2023-2024 Membership and Mentoring Committee Roster to be uploaded

Staff Liaisons

Janis Daudt
Director of Member Services

Tammy Storrie
Member Services Representative

Board Liaisons

Lee Frazier, MMC
Region Director
Region III

Leesa Ross
Region Director
Region VII

Jamie E. Newman, MMC
Region Director
Region IX