Records Management Committee


To develop informational resources to assist members with their records management needs.

2022-2023 Goals and Objectives (to be updated)

  1. Recommend records management educational sessions for the Annual Conference.
  2. Prepare a minimum of two articles regarding best practices for records management.
  3. Identify at least 2 issues and create content for the online Resource Centre of ordinances, policies and best practices.
  4. Review and possibly update, current or create new IIMC Technical Bulletins.


Read the 2022 Midyear Committee Report HERE

Committee Volunteers

Lucinda Williams, MMC
City Clerk/Clerk Services Manager
City of Fullerton

Ariana Cisneros, CMC
Vice Chair 
Administrative Secretary
Chino Valley Fire District, California

 2023-2024 Records Management Committee Roster to be uploaded

Staff Liaisons

Janet Pantaleon
Office Manager

Board Liaisons

Susan Haag, MMC
Region Director
Region I

Elena Hilby, MMC
Region Director
Region VI