Public Relations & Marketing Committee


To market and promote IIMC and its ideals with the dual aims of raising the status and image of local government professionals and attracting new members from all regions.

2022-2023 Goals and Objectives

  1. Submit at least 1 article for the News Digest in the area of best practices, management and leadership.
  2. Promote marketing plans for Program Excellence in Governance Award, recognizing innovation and best practices.
  3. Develop existing materials and new marketing ideas for Municipal Clerks Week.

Committee Volunteers

Wynetta Bolder, CMC
City Clerk
City of Douglas, Georgia

Ann M. Quirk, MMC
Vice Chair
Town Clerk
Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts

 2022-2023 Public Relations & Marketing Committee Roster

Municipal Clerks Week Materials

Click on an image to download materials, courtesy of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee:

Lip Balm Wrapper:

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Read the 2021 Midyear Committee Report HERE

News Digest Articles

Read articles written by committee members and featured in the monthly News Digest series: Clerk Memoirs:

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Staff Liaisons

Chris Shalby
Executive Director

Karen Lee
Communications Officer

Board Liaisons

Diane Pflugfelder, MMC
Region Director
Region II

LuAnn D. Holmes, MMC
Region Director
Region VIII