Research & Resource Committee


To assist in surveying the membership on various issues as necessary; and to ensure that members are provided with quick and accurate answers to inquiries through membership network and resource library.

2021-2022 Goals and Objectives

  1. Review in-house publications (Role Call and Language of Local Government).
  2. Assist in developing and disseminating surveys and questionnaires as requested by the Board of Directors, Committees, and staff.
  3. Respond to member questions submitted to the IIMC website and staff.
  4. Review and possibly update, current or create new IIMC Technical Bulletins.


Read the 2021 Midyear Committee Report HERE

Committee Volunteers

Audra Etzel, MMC
City Clerk
City of Otsego, Minnesota

Lori Sondov, CMC
Vice Chair
City Clerk
City of Travelers Rest

 2021-2022 Research & Resource Committee Roster

Staff Liaison

Tammy Storrie
Member Services Representative

Board Liaisons

Angela Marshall, MMC
Region Director
Region V

Janet E. Gray, MMC
Region Director
Region VII

Celyn N. Hurtado, CMC
Region Director
Region VII


Applications to join a 2022-2023 Committee are due January 24, 2022.