International Affiliates

We would like to recognize our international affiliates.

ADSO - England Association of Democratic Service Officers

ADAssociation of Democratic Services Officers Opens in new windowSO was launched in October 2009. Members are those whose work involves any of the democratic services functions including meetings support, member support, overview and scr utiny support, community governance, civic support and local democracy as practiced in joint authorities.

AMCA - Canada The Alberta Municipal Clerks Association

Incorporated in 1975, AMCA is made up of government employees who haAlberta Municipal Clerks Association Opens in new windowve the responsibilities of a municipal clerk, assistant municipal clerk, returning officer, or election officer.

AMCTO - Canada Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario

AMCTO has provided education, accreditation, leadership, and implementation expertise for Ontario's municipal professionals for the past seventy yeaAMCTO The Municipal Experts Opens in new windowrs. With 2,200 members working in municipali ties across Ontario, AMCTO is Canada's largest association of local government professionals, and the leading professional development organization for municipal administrative staff. 

ATAM Opens in new windowATAM - Portugal 

Associação dos Técnicos Administrativos Municipais

ATAM - Association of Local Administration Worker s in Portugal. - Belgium logo Opens in new window various stakeholders closer together to bundle knowledge and commitment. A partnership that serves each other and local policy. Network-oriented, knowledge-providing and qualitatively cooperating

IAM - IsraelIAM Israel
The Israeli Association of Municipal Clerks & Managers

Established about 60 years ago to unite its members in local authorities and their representation. The Association is working to advance the status and the rights of its members, and provide tools to improve practices and processes for municipal administration.

IMASA - South Africa
Institute of Municipal Administration of South Africa

IMASA's objectives and founding values are the promotion of sound, professional and ethica IMASA Opens in new windowl municipal (local government) administration, serving the best interests of the profession of municipal administration and the development and growth of those in the profession, especially those in communities or backgrounds where opportunities for development have been limited.

LGMA - Canada
The Local Government Management Association of BC

Established in 1919 as the Municipal Officers Association (MOA) of BCLocal Government Management Association of British Columbia Opens in new window, changing name to L GMA in 2000. LGMA continues to uphold the original ideals to encourage the interchange of ideas and to foster/encourage a "greater efficiency of municipal officers in the performance of their duties". They strive to promote professional Management and leadership  excellence in local government, and to create awareness of the local government officers' role in the community.

NAMCB - Bulgaria
National Association of Municipal And City Administrations in Bulgaria

This association is an independent volunteer organization, which NAMCMsupports reforms in Bulgaria through mobilization of the civil society and influencing the public policies. 

PMA - Canada
PMA LogoProfessional Municipal Administrators

Active since 1972, PMA is a professional organization composed of municipal administrators, town/city managers, town/city clerks, and department heads who are committed to improving the quality of administration in local government in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

SLCC - England and Wales

Formed in 1972, the Society of Local Council Clerk's aims are to promote the professional stanSociety of Local Council Clerks Opens in new windowding and knowledge of its members. Membership is open to all clerks and deputy clerks of t owns, parish or community councils in England and Wales. 

SOLAR - Scotland
2018 SOLAR_LOGO.JPGSociety of Local Authority Lawyers and Administrators in Scotland

SOLAR is a professional public sector organisation whose aim and purpose is to support the work of those professional officers employed in local authorities and associated organisations in Scotland.

European Union

The aim of the Union is to promote relations between the professional associations of chief executives representing European local authorities, to develop exchanges of information, UDITEto share professional experiences, to contribute to the enhancement of the role and functions of local authorities and to contribute to the European Union.

VvG - The Netherlands
Vereniging van Griffiers (Association of Griffiers)

The Association represents - in the most broad sense - the interests of griffiers of the first a Vereniging Van Griffiers Opens in new windownd second Chamber, the provincial States and local councils in the Netherlands. The primary objective is to make a qualitative improvement of public administration, with the primary area of local administration. 


As one of the world's premier democracy and governance assistance organizations, IFES IFES - USA Opens in new window provides targeted technical assistance to strengthen transitional democracies. Founded in 1987 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, IFES has developed and implemented comprehensive, collaborative democracy solutions in more than 120 countries. 

Professional Municipal Administrators Society of Local Authority Lawyers and Administrators in Scotland