Director Qualifications

Beginning the Process

 Please review the Candidate's Guide (PDF) for more details.

If you answer yes to either of the following questions, then it's time to take that initial step forward and put your perspective, leadership and knowledge to task by serving as an IIMC Board of Director.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to be part of the body that is responsible for making decisions regarding policy, service and education?
  • Do I want my decisions, direction and vision about IIMC's future to directly impact the membership?

How to Run for Office

 All candidates running for office must submit the following items:

  • A completed nomination form (PDF) announcing his or her candidacy 120 days prior to the annual meeting
  • A recent photograph for use in the News Digest - (must be a high quality digital photograph, printed pictures are not acceptable.)
  • A 200-word essay (not to exceed 200 words) detailing the candidate's qualifications and emphasizing activities in the Municipal Clerk's profession. Note: Candidates agree and understand that the above information will be published as received in the News Digest. If the submitted statement exceeds 200 words, only the first 200 words will be published without editing by IIMC staff

Director Qualifications

A Director's term of office is three years. Candidates for the Director's office must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be an IIMC member for at least three (3) years.
  • Have served at least three (3) years as a Municipal Clerk or other office as defined in Article II, Membership, Section 2 A.
  • Have attended at least two Annual Conferences. Attendance may include the conference at which the candidate's term would begin.
  • Be a Full Member or Additional Full Member and, if elected, remain a Full or Additional Full Member during the term of office.
  • Provide written support of candidacy from the legislative governmental body they represent.


Election of Region Directors

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