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Urgent News
Urgent News
2018 Proposed Amendments to the IIMC Constitution
Ballots were emailed to all IIMC Voting Members on June 19th.
Three proposed amendments to the IIMC Constitution were presented to the May 23, 2018 Annual Business Meeting. Delegates present approved Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 by a majority vote. Amendment 3 did not receive a majority vote and will not be considered by the entire membership.

Article XIV, Amendments to the Constitution, Section 3. Membership Vote provides:
If the proposed amendment is approved by majority vote at the Annual Business Meeting, the proposed amendment will be distributed for a vote by the entire membership. Members will have sixty (60) days following the Annual Business Meeting to vote on the proposed amendment.

The constitutional amendment shall be adopted if two thirds of the votes cast are in favor of the proposal. The effective date of the amendment will be the 61st day following the Annual Business Meeting, unless otherwise specified

The above procedure will be used to determine whether Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 shall be approved and incorporated in the IIMC Constitution.

Sixty days following the Annual Business Meeting is July 22. If two thirds of the members voting approve an amendment, it will go into effect on July 23, 2018.

         • Proposed Amendments of the IIMC Constitution

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