Quill Award

The deadline for the Quill Award is April 1 of the year of the Award. 

Recognizing Municipal Clerks' Contributions

The Quill Award is a prestigious award established to recognize Municipal Clerks who have distinguished themselves by making a significant and exemplary contribution to their community, their state, principality or province and, in particular, IIMC and their peers.

Selection Committee

The IIMC President shall appoint three past recipients of the Quill Award to review the nominations and select the recipient(s). No more than three awards shall be granted in any one year.


The award and lapel pin shall be presented at an appropriate ceremony during the Annual Conference.

The names of Quill Award winners shall be published in the conference program and a ribbon shall be provided to all past recipients in attendance at the conference denoting them as award winners.

Eligibility & Criteria

The Quill Award is open to all members of IIMC, deceased members, retired clerks or a clerk who has changed positions.

Award Nomination Resources

  1. Chris Shalby

    Executive Director

  2. Member Services Department

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    8331 Utica Ave.
    Suite 200
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    Fax: (909) 944-8545

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