Institute Conducted by

Missouri State University In cooperation with Missouri City Clerks & Finance Officers Association (Recognized May 2010)

Department Conducting Institute

Missouri State Outreach

Program Coordinator

Belinda Pearson, BA
Training Manager
Missouri State Outreach
Missouri State University
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65897

Phone: 417-836-6866 FAX: 417-837-2300
E-mail Belinda Pearson, BA

Additional Program Contacts

Joye Norris
Associate Provost for Access and Outreach
Missouri State Outreach
Missouri State University
Phone: (417)836-4126
Email Joye Norris

Location of Instruction

Holiday Inn, Columbia, MO

Dates of Institutes

Spring Institute March 16-18, 2021
New Clerks' Institute March 15, 2021
Spring ½ Master Academy March 14, 2021
Spring Master Academy Marcy 15, 2021

Cost Breakdown of Institute

New Clerks' Institute- $125 Member/$155 Non Member

Spring Institute - $205 Member/$240 Non Member (one day only is $140/$175) Spring Master Academy - $125 Member/$155 Non Member

MML Fall Academy- $125 Member/$150 Non Member

Scholarship(s) Available

Missouri Clerks and Finance Officers Association
The IIMC Foundation

Program Scheduling

Time to graduate: three-year program
Entry level: may enter at any level
Institute: 2 ½ days of sessions. Regionals: 2 days of sessions
CEUs are available at additional costs