Institute Conducted by

Missouri State University In cooperation with Missouri City Clerks & Finance Officers Association (Recognized May 2010)

Department Conducting Institute

Missouri State Outreach

Program Coordinator

Emilie Orlando
Missouri State Outreach
Missouri State University
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65897
Phone: 417-837-2607
Cell Phone: 636-288-5820
FAX: 417-837-2300
Email Emelie Orlando 

Additional Program Contacts

Joye Norris
Associate Provost for Access and Outreach
Missouri State Outreach
Missouri State University
Phone: (417)836-4126
Email Joye Norris

Location of Instruction

Holiday Inn, Columbia, MO

Dates of Institutes

Spring Institute March 16-18, 2021
New Clerks' Institute March 15, 2021
Spring ½ Master Academy March 14, 2021
Spring Master Academy Marcy 15, 2021

Cost Breakdown of Institute

New Clerks' Institute- $125 Member/$155 Non-Member

Spring Institute - $205 Member/$240 Non-Member (one day only is $140/$175) Spring Master Academy - $125 Member/$155 Non-Member

MML Fall Academy- $125 Member/$150 Non-Member.

Scholarship(s) Available

Missouri Clerks and Finance Officers Association
The IIMC Foundation

Program Scheduling

Time to graduate: three-year program.
Entry level: may enter at any level.
Institute: 2 ½ days of sessions. Regionals: 2 days of sessions
CEUs are available at additional costs.