Institute Conducted by

Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) (Recognized February 1974)

Department Conducting Institute

AMCTO, Mississauga, ON

Program Coordinator

Ya-Yin Ko, Manager - Education Services
2680 Skymark Avenue, Suite 910
Mississauga, ON L4W 5L6 Canada
Phone: (905) 602-4294, Ext. 231
Fax: (905) 602-4295
Email: yko@amcto.com
Website: AMCTO

Programs Offered

Location of Instruction

Instruction is entirely online for the programs listed unless otherwise indicated on the AMCTO website. Some are available in correspondence (self-directed) format and others are provided in an instructor-led format with classes delivered via Zoom.

Dates of Institutes

MAP, MAFP, MLP, HR, PMPC, MCI, and EDMM have two intakes per year: once in winter/spring and once in the fall. Registration opens every year on December 1 for the winter/spring term and on July 2 for the fall term. 

Cost Breakdown of Institute

  • MAP, MAFP, MLP: $405 + HST in correspondence format and $495 + HST in instructor-led Zoom format, per unit (there are four units in MAP and MLP and two units in MAFP)
  • HR: $1,620 + HST
  • PMPC: $405 + HST
  • MCI Level 1: $1,415 + HST
  • MCI Level 2: $1,545 + HST
  • EDMM: $2,115 + HST for Term 1 and $1,405 + HST for Term 2
  • Professional development forums, workshops, and webinars: Varies 

Program Scheduling

Scheduling varies depending on the program and format.