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Athenian Dialogue Facilitators

All Athenian Dialogue Facilitators must be approved by IIMC. The ideal Dialogue Facilitator should be an individual who is capable of grasping and dissecting the essential leadership knowledge that is contained in and dispersed throughout the contents of an appropriate book. This knowledge must then be conveyed primarily through discussion, as opposed to lecture alone, eliciting input from each individual participant on the relevance and applicability of the principles and skills gleaned. The Facilitator must in essence build a “bridge” between the ideas contained in the book used and the leadership concepts and principles that are relevant to a Municipal Clerk.

The Facilitator must be able to write a succinct yet thoughtful summary of the book chosen. This summary, which will be included in the Dialogue announcement, is typically meant to intrigue and persuade the potential Dialogue participant that, in registering, their time, effort and money will have been well spent.

A Facilitator must be an excellent communicator. They should be able to listen and ask pertinent questions. They must be skilled at keeping the conversation going, able to summarize participants’ unique contributions, and able to go beyond the pages of a single book to shed new light on the insights contained therein. They should be aware that additional research may be required for some Dialogues.


Requirements for IIMC Members: 

  • Must have the MMC Designation
  • Must be an IIMC member for at least 5 years
  • Must have participated in a minimum of 3 Dialogues
  • Must have experience facilitating or teaching education programs and/or Athenian Dialogues
  • Must be an Athenian Fellow and have been mentored by an existing Athenian Leadership Society Facilitator. This requirement may be substituted by a member who is an experienced adjunct instructor / adjunct professor / adjunct lecturer / visiting lecturer / faculty associate, or similar position of a college or university.  Such position to be verified by the appointing institution and IIMC.  Substitution may include a Municipal Clerk or Deputy Clerk who has extensive experience in presenting programs at a Municipal Clerk Institute or Academy, with verification supplied by the Institute/Academy sponsoring institution.
  • Must have at least 5 years experience working in the Municipal Clerks office as a Municipal or Deputy Clerk
  • Must submit a bio that supports the requirements above in addition to the Athenian Leadership Facilitator Application

 Requirements for Professionals and Academics:

  • Working knowledge of the Municipal Clerk profession
  • Must have an understanding of the program and its requirements
  • Must submit a letter and bio (simple letter format acceptable- no more than 1 page) to the IIMC Education Department () which demonstrates the 2 items above along with the Athenian Leadership Facilitator Application

The following individuals have been approved by IIMC as Athenian Leadership Society Dialogue Facilitators.  If you are looking for a facilitator you may use someone from this list or have your new facilitator pre-approved by IIMC (see requirements above). Facilitators may travel out of their region. 

Region I

Region II

Region III

Region IV

Region V

Region VI

Region VII

Region VIII

Region IX

Region X
Accepting Applications!

Region XI
Accepting Applications!

Also newly added to the approved Facilitator list is IIMC's Director of Professional Development, Dr. Jane Long -  

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