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Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) Program
The CMC program is designed to enhance the job performance of the Clerk in small and large municipalities. To earn the CMC designation, a Municipal Clerk must attend extensive education programs. The CMC designation also requires pertinent experience in a municipality. The CMC program prepares the applicants to meet the challenges of the complex role of the Municipal Clerk by providing them with quality education in partnership with institutions of higher learning, as well as State / Provincial / National Associations. The CMC program has been assisting clerks to excel since 1970. 

Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) Program
The MMC program is one of the two professional designations granted by IIMC. The MMC program is an advanced continuing education program that prepares participants to perform complex municipal duties. The program has an extensive and rigorous educational component and a professional and social contribution component. The MMC applicant must demonstrate that they have actively pursued education and professional activities. 

Application for Admission 

Filing an Application for Admission with IIMC is the first step in working toward the Certified Municipal Clerk designation (CMC) or the Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation. This is the enrollment form for both certification programs. The purpose of this application is to register applicants into the IIMC system and keep them informed of education opportunities that IIMC institutes may offer.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $50 to enter into either program - it will be deducted from the final fee for application for the CMC or MMC Designation. When ready to submit for points, the applicant will be required to complete an Application for Designation (point request form), attach supporting documentation and present to the Education Department for review. 

Did you recently receive your CMC or MMC Designation? IIMC wants to hear from you!
Please complete the Certification Questionnaire and tell us about your experience!

Need assistance paying for your Institute or Academy Program?
The IIMC Foundation will reimburse you for the cost of your Institute or Academy attendance up to $400. Typically CMC recipients are awarded $400 and MMC recipients are awarded $100 scholarships. Please visit the Scholarship and Grant page of the website for more information including criteria and applications. 

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