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Cancellation Form - 2020 IIMC Annual Conference - St. Louis, MO

  1. You may be asked to "Sign In or Create an account." Please bypass and move on to complete the cancellation form.

    This form is to be used for 2020 Conference Cancellations/Refunds/Transfer to 2021 Conference Registration.

    You only need to submit this form if you have already submitted payment via online registration, credit card or by check.

    If you have already submitted your conference cancellation there is no need to resubmit.

  2. IIMC won't let you miss out!

  3. Was this going to be your first IIMC Conference?

    You will still qualify for the First Timer discounts at your next conference.

  4. Were you a grant recipient for 2020 Annual Conference?

    If you received a grant from the IIMC Foundation for 2020 Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO, you will be able to apply your grant to the 2021 Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, MI.

  5. We are happy to issue you a refund. However, IIMC can also hold your funds for the 2021 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, on May 9-13, 2021. (If IIMC holds your funds and you have to cancel the 2021 conference, the normal refund policy will be in effect) Also, keep in mind, the cost of the Delegate Packet for the 2021 conference may increase. Allowing IIMC to hold your funds for the 2021 conference guarantees that you will not have to pay the difference.

  6. Do you wish to hold funds for 2021 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI or receive a refund?

  7. If you wish to leave a note you may do so here.

  8. In order to expedite refunds, IIMC will be issuing checks for all refunds regardless of original payment method.

  9. To whom should we issue the refund check(s)?

    If you paid for additional activities for the conference and your municipality paid for the main registration, or any other combination, please select "Both" for your check options.

  10. What portion of registration payment was made with personal funds?

    Some of our members paid for additional courses, tickets or their guest registration with personal funds. If you are one of these members please be sure to let us know which items you paid for below.

  11. If you selected Both above you will enter your municipality here and personal fund reimbursement in the secondary check area below.

  12. This is for portion of payment that was made using personal funds, separate from original payment.

  13. If you any questions, please email Janet Pantaleon at

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