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'IIMC President's hero message - March 2020'

Mar 31

President's Message - Heroes - March 2020

Posted to President's Message on March 31, 2020 at 7:56 AM by Karen Lee

Dear IIMC Family -

I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs daily while we navigate this new reality of dealing with COVID-19. Your IIMC Board, Executive Director Shalby, and IIMC Staff are in daily contact and working with all the scenarios of the ‘what ifs’ should we need to reschedule our IIMC Conference in May, as well as those conferences scheduled or now rescheduled in various states and regions.  You will be kept apprised through the IIMC E-Briefings, so please continue to read those as they are distributed.

Clerks are generally the front line of City Halls, right there with the First Responders, Fire and Police.  Many of our City Halls are closed and Clerks are working from home or taking shifts on doing what is necessary in City Hall.  You are not alone!  No matter what IIMC region you reside in, we are all reaching out to each other and lending our wisdom and experiences as we learn from this daily and ever-evolving experience.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your fellow Clerks.  

I am blessed by those of you who have reached out with words of encouragement and support not only to me, but to your fellow Clerks, Institute Directors and IIMC staff members.  We truly are a giving and caring group of individuals.  One of the many reasons I truly love our IIMC family.  As IIMC past-president Stephanie Carouthers Kelly said, ‘Together, We Can’ and we ARE accomplishing our tasks daily.  We may be doing it in a different or unusual way than our ‘normal day’, but we’re marching forward.

Thank you for being the calm in the storm within your City.  Thank you for being the person those in your City reach out to for reassurance about utilities, meetings, food and shelter, as well as the unusual questions you respond to.  Please continue to Be the ONE to share a smile, a word of encouragement, and most of all, your knowledge and leadership with those who call upon you in this time of the unknown.  You may be the only person to reassure someone that this storm will pass.  Know you are important to many and loved by many more.  Keep doing what you are doing because YOU are making the difference and helping bring the calm and assurance in this realm of uncertainty.  I’m proud of each and every one of you and blessed to be a member in our IIMC family.

Stay strong and safe, my Heroes.  

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