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Aug 13

Board Approves Creation of Education Task Force

Posted on August 13, 2019 at 10:01 AM by Denice Cox

At its annual Board Meeting in Birmingham, AL, the IIMC Board of Directors approved the creation of an Education Task Force to evaluate the current IIMC certification programs as well as their forms of delivery and discuss ideas and future state of Education. In addition, the Task Force will discuss opportunities for educational programs for those who have achieved their MMC, including a further exploration of the proposed “Beyond the MMC” program.

The 25-member Education Task Force, comprised of members in all of IIMC’s Regions and four Institute Directors, will work together via e-mail, conference calls, webinars and one face-to-face meeting in Southern California. Specifically, the Task Force will address:
• Relevancy of IIMC Certification programs in general.
• Current learning delivery methods and timing/length of programs.
• Keeping current CMC and MMC certified clerks engaged in continuing professional development.
• Exploring the proposed “Beyond the MMC” program (or similar program) for its viability, need, purpose, structure, and learning delivery methods.
Our desired outcomes include:
• Affirmation that the current certification programs are meeting or exceeding the expectations of today’s certified Municipal Clerks and their municipalities.
• Proposed options for timing and delivery of learning for existing and potentially new clerk education programs.
• A plan that includes:
o How to engage certified clerks in continuing professional development opportunities, which include exploration of learning delivery methods.
o Ideas for a program offering additional certification opportunities for those who have achieved their MMC.
We will keep you apprised of the Task Force’s findings and the Board of Directors’ direction regarding outcomes and developments.