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Aug 13

IIMC Board of Directors 2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

Posted on August 13, 2019 at 9:58 AM by Denice Cox

By Chris Shalby
IIMC Executive Director

The IIMC Board of Directors met on Friday, May 17 to continue working on its strategic plan and also convened on Saturday, May 18 for its Annual Board meeting in Birmingham, AL.

Strategic Plan
This is IIMC’s third strategic plan since 2010, having completed nearly 85% of plans 1 and 2. This plan focuses more on IIMC’s vision of what the Organization’s future, direction and goals, comprised of the following key areas:
• Communication: internal and external
• Image: internal and external
• Education, and
• Organization and Management
Each key area focuses on measurements for one, three and five years; what success looks like; top priorities; and responsibilities for achieving these tasks. The Board will meet again this November at its midyear meeting in Greenville, SC, to finalize the plan. Once the Board approves the plan, it will be distributed to all members.

Board Meeting
On Saturday, May 18, the IIMC Board of Directors convened for its annual board meeting. The Board accepted non-action committee reports and approved the following recommendations from the Budget and Planning and Public Relations/Marketing Committees:

Budget and Planning - Approved the following recommended new policies:
• Conflict of Interest
• Liquidity and Availability
• Operating Reserves
Public Relations/Marketing - Approved the following:
• IIMC Communication/Disaster Recovery Plan
• Windfall – a value added service for IIMC members
The Board also approved renewing contracts for the following individuals:
• Executive Director
• Professional Development Director
• Region XI International Consultant
• Conference Event Management
The 2018 year-end budget and 2018 audit report along with 2019 first quarter financials were presented and approved by the Board. The 2018 year-end net profit is approximately $330,000 with a Board Designated Reserve of $603,000.