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Aug 13

President's Message - Augut 2019

Posted on August 13, 2019 at 9:44 AM by Denice Cox

Hello, IIMC family. I trust you enjoyed our 2019 conference in Birmingham! Lee Frazier and the Alabama clerks brought their A-game for us. Our conference had exciting sessions with interesting keynote speakers. And, don’t you agree it was splendid to see the donations made to the IIMC Foundation for scholarships? It is truly a great legacy the Foundation is providing for our Clerks now and in the future. Please remember when you order from Amazon to use the Amazon SMILE website so that your order helps raise more funds for scholarships. Everything is the same as on Amazon. All you need to do is choose the IIMC Foundation as your charity of choice and order away!

I am greatly honored and humbled to serve as your IIMC President this year. Your Board of Directors is working diligently with the IIMC committees to bring you new ideas and programs to ensure Clerks are being kept current on national trends as well as ensuring our IIMC continues to be an internationally recognized professional Organization. The Board is always keeping you, our members, in mind as we work together. Please share your thoughts and ideas with your region directors or your Executive Committee.

Study Abroad Program and Symposium - UK

My presidential year has a fabulous beginning as Ian and I landed at Heathrow airport on the morning of June 1st in preparation for the Study Abroad program and the Symposium. My hat is off to IIMC’s international consultant Tom van der Hoven for bringing together an outstanding program of speakers as well as lovely venues for us to enjoy! Fellow Clerk, Katherine Owen, of Wales scheduled a tour for all of us through Parliament. We were able to walk into the House of Commons and the House of Lords and see where the Queen sits. What an impressive and historical building to see and learn of some history of the two houses of government. Two of my new ‘favorite’ quotes are from the exceptional speakers we heard during the Symposium. Dr. Cat Fisher, former Olympian, said, “Don’t focus on what’s wrong, ask what’s possible.” Isn’t that a profound statement for all of us to consider?

Another very engaging speaker, Nigel Risner, kept us laughing while giving us some stern facts about living the life we deserve. He challenged us to “be in the room.” We must get up and start living our dreams and our lives. I encourage you to check out his book, “The Impact Code.” You will find it most interesting and informative. His quote is “If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” Ah, the power of one! We must each be the one to step up and make an impact.

The culmination of the Symposium was dinner in the Great Hall at Warwick Castle. Our fellow Clerk and SLCC Board of Directors Chairperson, Michael King, at the spur of the moment, gallantly entertained us with his outstanding voice in singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow acapella. I’m sure the rafters of the Great Hall were rejoicing in reverberation from his solo. I know my fellow Clerks and I were in awe! What outstanding talent there is among the ranks of our IIMC family. Be sure you let our Executive Director, Chris Shalby, know what talent you have you could share with our IIMC family. We need you to be the one to step up and showcase your talent in future IIMC events.

Florida Clerks Association Conference
After the Symposium, I attended the Florida Clerks Conference in beautiful St. Augustine. IIMC Region 3 Director, Camilla Pitman, MMC, City Clerk, Greenville, SC, and I joined in the learning and fun with our Florida Clerks. Florida Association President Pamela Latimore, MMC, and Florida League Executive Director Linda Bridges made everyone feel welcome and at home. We had an outstanding lineup of educational classes. There was an interesting session on the ADA standards of accessibility and compliancy concerning records and documents. We also listened as former IIMC Region III Director Pamela Smith, MMC, Sanibel, FL, lead us through the Critical Events strategies instituted in her community. Do we know all we should know about surviving and recovering from a catastrophe? How about a disaster recovery budget, or an emergency procurement plan? Does your city annually budget for your insurance policy deductible amount ‘in case of’ a disaster? All good questions and we Clerks need to know the answers ahead of the disaster. I was writing a lot of notes during this conference.

The icing on the cake in this Florida party was walking in to a district director’s meeting and seeing a former Kansas Clerk! It was a joyful reunion and a surprise to me, for sure! During the annual business meeting, it was my honor to be a part of the swearing in of the new district directors, as well as President Elect Debra Buff, MMC, City Clerk, Belle Glade and my former Kansas Clerk friend from Coffeyville, Stacey Johnston, as Vice President. Thank you, Florida Clerks, for ensuring I had a wonderful learning experience with you. For our associations looking for a great fundraiser, please ask the Florida Clerks about “Purses with a Purpose.” Clerks are notorious for coming up with outstanding ideas.

There are several trips in my future, as many of you have already given me invitations to come share in your conferences. I appreciate each and every one and will do my best to attend. Stay tuned for the next adventures the Kansas red shoes will be stepping on the road to. Remember to ‘be the one’ to take that first step of making a difference. We can’t always help everyone, but we can start by helping someone. Be that one today.

Lana McPherson, MMCAugust Picture of Flower
IIMC President – 2019 - 2020