California - Technical Training

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Technical Training for Clerks (TTC) Co-Sponsored by the City Clerks Association of California, the League of California Cities, in association with the University of California at Riverside (Recognized September 2002) This program is approved for CMC credit only and is not applicable to the MMC program.

Program Coordinator

Maureen Kane
Institute Director
P. O. Box 52355
Riverside, CA 92517
Phone: (951) 789-8319

E-mail Maureen Kane - please allow 48 hours for reply

Location of Instruction

University of California-Riverside Extension

Dates of Institute

Series 400 | Begins June 2021 | Program will be offered Virtually

Virtual Fess are $25 per hour payable via PayPal invoice

Virtual classes are held Wednesday mornings from 9:00am - Noon.

Contact Maureen Kane directly for more information. 

Program Scheduling

Time to graduate: 4 sets of sessions, 30 hours each session (15 CMC Education points each) Entry level: may enter at any level

Scholarship(s) Available

City Clerks Association of California
The IIMC Foundation