Mentoring Program

IIMC's Model Mentoring Program

IIMC's Model Mentoring Program was developed by the Education/Personal Growth Committee and adopted by the IIMC Board in 2002.

The Mentoring Committee was created in 2004 to implement the components of the program. One of the components was to compile a list of mentors and match them with a list of Mentees.

Becoming a Mentee

If you are a Municipal Clerk and an IIMC Member you have come to the right place. IIMC offers excellent mentoring services for the new clerk or the clerk experiencing new duties and statutory changes.

Sign up today to become one of IIMC's privileged Mentees. You must be a Member of IIMC. You will be paired with an experienced Mentor who will guide you through the hurdles. Some of the privileges you will receive are:

  • Education with a smile
  • Encouragement delivered
  • Friends made
  • Introductions given
  • Networking made easy
  • Procedures explained
  • Questions answered

Becoming a Mentor

An IIMC Mentor's responsibilities include:

  • Answering technical questions
  • Describing procedures
  • Introducing the Mentee to other association members at meetings and conferences
  • Notifying the Mentee of educational opportunities
  • Providing moral support
  • Sharing experiences

If you are a Member of IIMC and a Municipal Clerk that is interested in becoming a Mentor to share your commitment and career experiences, or a Mentee who wishes to be assisted in further developing your career and self-confidence, please start by completing the IIMC Mentoring Program application.


Please submit your completed Mentee/Mentor application via fax to (909) 944-8545, or mail it to:

8331 Utica Avenue
Suite 200
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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    Director of Member Services

  2. Member Services Department

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    Fax: (909) 944-8545

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