Types of Membership

Anyone subscribing to the ideals and purposes of IIMC is eligible for membership. Benefits include all of the Association's services and publications free of charge or at substantial discount.


New Member - Paying by Credit Card?

New Members paying by Credit Card complete the Online Membership Application

Member Application (PDF) Download. 

Membership Benefits (PDF) Download.

New Member from CANADA - Paying by Credit Card? 

New Members from Canada paying by Credit Card Complete the Online Region X (CANADA) Application.

Member from Canada Application (PDF) Download. 

Membership Benefits (PDF) Download.

Full Members

 Full Members are Municipal Clerks, City Secretaries, Recorders, Legislative Administrators and Directors of Corporate Services and/or an individual who serves a legislative government body (LGB) in an administrative capacity with management responsibilities and whose duties include four of the following:

  • Custody of the official seal and execution of official documents
  • Elections
  • Financial Management
  • General Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management of bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, ordinances or other legal instruments
  • Meeting Administration
  • Records Management

Additional Full Members

Additional Full Members are fully qualified members from the same organization. This would essentially be Deputy Clerks within the same city, but could be other individuals provided they would qualify under the definition of full member. A city must have one full member before they would be eligible to have additional full members.

Associate Members

Associate Members are individuals serving a legislative body in a capacity not previously defined. In other words, if someone serving a legislative body does not qualify for full membership they would be able to join as an associate member. Associate members have the right to vote, BUT CANNOT hold office or obtain certification, but they can take advantage of education programs and should they eventually assume the job of Clerk or Deputy, they could then apply for certification. A full member who is in transition (between jobs) would automatically become an associate member until they re-assume the position of Clerk. Associate members also pay a lower fee.

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